Mark Howard PhotoMark Howard grew up just outside of Sheffield, UK. After studying Physics at University of York, he was called into ministry, starting with a ministry internship in London. In 2006, Mark moved to Greenwich, CT, where he started working as an Assistant Pastor and met his wife, Cherilyn, shortly thereafter. He completed his training at Westminster Theological Seminary and returned to Greenwich to continue serving as an Assistant Pastor. Mark and Cherilyn welcomed their first child, Charissa, in February, 2015.



West Valley Presbyterian Church is a congregation of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) and is governed by a team of elders who jointly shepherd the congregation alongside the pastor. If you would like to contact them you may email them.

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The Diaconate of West Valley focuses on extending mercy and compassion. Their purpose is to show God’s love by serving the physical needs of West Valley and beyond. (The Greek word for “deacon” is diakonos meaning “servant.”) At present the Diaconate of West Valley Presbyterian church is comprised of 4 men.  Should you want to contact the diaconate of West Valley please call our main office at 610-421-8066 or email them.

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